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The thing about words...well, they give an immediate impression of who you are, what you do, and how you operate your business.

Are you casual?

Are you stuffy?

Are you "all business"?

Do you welcome visitors?

The things you say create a perception. And for all purposes, perception is reality.

Let's talk about the best way to communicate who you REALLY are and how you do business.

Sign up here for the "Telling Your Story" Class on August 4, 2018.  The cost of this 7-hour live class is $250 per person. Boxed lunch included. Location of class (in or near Fairfield, OH) will be announced by July 1, 2018.  Space is limited to 20 people.


Is writing a book on your bucket list?

Share your stories with the next generation!

Don't let them be lost forever! 

What I Charge:

I price most projects in advance after discussion of your needs.

Press Releases are a standard cost of $250 for the writing and $250 for the posting on PRWEB (the only news distribution service I use)

Small jobs are priced by the hour at $50 per hour.

Consultations, when they become a brain storming session, are also $50 per hour.

You can  also pay by check. Make payment to Write Words Media,LLC

and mail your payment to 3533 Danbury Road, Fairfield, OH  45014.

How Can I Help You Communicate Better?

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Press Releases

Press Releases is that they are the best kept secret in the modern business world today. Most businesses have no idea what they are or how they work.

When you have something to announce, whether it is a work anniversary, new product, new hire, new service, new menu, new business, change in business, project completion....whatever is happening in YOUR world becomes news when it is posted on the internet. The amazing thing is, it never goes away.

You can find press releases that I wrote in 2002. Just google my name, Patricia Stirnkorb, hit NEWS (not images), and you will see a list of press releases that I have written about every kind of business imaginable!

They are measurable, with a report that can be pulled for the first 30 days, showing who picked it up and what sights it is on today. Did I say, they never go away? That means your information will be there anytime someone searches for your business.

They offer so much more that it will take a phone conversation to fully explain. So call me, let's chat about Press Releases.