Do you want to write? Many people WANT to write but just don't know how to get started. If you have a story to tell, or a desire to write for magazines, on line or just for fun, we can help!  Our Telling Your Story class has much to offer and will be geared to your writing goals.


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"Telling Your Story" Class


8 hours- $250 per person

Are you thinking of writing a book? Do you want to tell your story to the next generation? Or do you want to write the stories of your parents and grandparents? As our generation ages, we begin to realize we have lots of stories to share, wisdom and experience that others will learn from and value. But unless we tell those stories, they will be lost forever!  Write them down!

Many people would LIKE to write a book, but just don't know where to start.  I have received many, many calls asking me how to do it!  

This summer I will be teaching a live class called "Telling Your Story." this 8-hour class will be filled with the nuts and bolts of how to organize, gather, write and publish your story to share for years to come.  Location to be announced. 

This class is NOT about grammar and sentence structure, but how to actually get down to putting your words on paper. Regardless if you want to write a fiction, non-fiction or autobiography, this is the class for you. I would prefer that you have some ideas of what  you want to write and why. You will have "pre-homework" and the opportunity to have me read your story after our class (within 30 days). 

This intensive, 8-hour class is $250 per person. You will walk away armed with everything you need to tell your story. You will gain the knowledge and excitement to get started and finish your book!

What the class includes:

8-hours of face-to-face teaching from a life-time professional writer

Handout booklet with tips, ideas and work pages for later

Step-by-step guidance on :

  • Gathering your thoughts
  • Creating the back story
  • Developing your characters
  • What is a snip-it?
  • Organizing your ideas
  • Where the story begins
  • Writing, writing, writing
  • What to do when your words are done
  • Creative ways to publish your book (at little or no cost)
  • Marketing? 

We will have time for questions, discussions and a think-tank to share your ideas with others in our class.

Sign up today; class size is limited. You can go to our Services page to sign up. No payment due until class schedule is announced. 

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Telling Your Story Class

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*This is not a Children's Book Class  It is also not a class for children- Teens and adults only please.