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Thinking of Self Publishing a Book?  WAIT! 

There are literally hundreds (or thousands) of "self-publishing" companies in business.  All of them are in business to make money. That is their number one objective.

Unfortunately, they are also in business to sell you their services as an end to the means of making money.

Self-publishing is BIG business with lots of HUGE profits for the "publisher" and small profits (if any) for the writer.

Before you sign a contract which could cost you in the range of $8,000 to $15,000 or more, take a step back and determine why you want to publish a book.  

If you ask a thousand writers that question, you will probably get a thousand answers. That's fine, everyone has their own reasons. Comparing  the cost of your endeavor becomes the  determining factor. 

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Answer these questions first:

Why do I want to publish this book?

Who is my audience?

How will the book be distributed (printed, or electronic, etc.)

How will I market the book?

Is there a need for this book?

What will it accomplish by publishing it?

Can I afford to invest thousands in this book?

Do I anticipate making profit from the sales?

There are lots of other questions as well. If you are even thinking about self-publishing your book, please read this article before moving forward.  

All "Self-Publishing" companies are not equal.